First HbbTV app for TV Markiza

02. May 2016

Slovakia’s leading broadcaster TV Markiza has launched its first HbbTV app in co-operation with the Czech development company Mautilus.

The app allows viewers to watch news from the server, weather information and Teletext.

The number of applications will be expanded in the future to give the audience more entertainment and information by the disclosure of games, a programme archive and programme guide.

Commenting on the launch, Petr Mazanec, CTO of Mautilus, said: “The HbbTV project for TV Markiza is divided into three phases and we have now disclosed only the first part. In the upcoming weeks, we will focus on the optimization of applications and its backend parts. Subsequently, we will start the next part of the project. The solution for TV Markiza was created by modifying our product – white-label solution for HbbTV – that we have been developing for a long time and it can be adapted to any TV channel.”

Zdenko Rysavy, CTO of TV Markiza, added: “In terms of technological progress, we consider HbbTV to be a very important step forward, and if everything goes according to plan, we will further expand these activities in the near future.”