Multiscreen applications are like Pandora's Box

09. December 2013

Software developer Roman Hošek from Mautilus is looking to the future of multiscreen world, face of Smart TV and business possibilities in this field. 

Looking at size increasing TV screens has sometimes occurred to your mind where this trend is going to end? Or if the big TVs will move us out of our smaller flats?

Majority of future visualizations show TV in a flat like a huge, severe meters big dominant with classical sofa in front. Is this the right direction how future going to be?

According to the first studies presented this year in Amsterdam at the international trade fair IBC we disagree with this trend. Let’s show with a little imagination how could a smart home looks like and which possibilities in monetizing and marketing offers to the companies.

First of all we should forget at this thin big screens being the center of a home mini universe. The center of everything will be the user. Smart TVs will change to the smart walls composing from one or more none frame displays. The room wallpaper will automatically change according to season, day temperature or simply by the trends. Watching movies and TV will not mean to sit in a living room, for example a program about cooking you will simply move to your kitchen meanwhile your children watching cartoon in a children’s room.

Other innovative things are transparent displays – appearing already the first ones. Multimedia content will be everywhere – so there are coming new possibilities for new services, which we have known just from science fiction. With new technologies are appearing also new questions and risks.

One of them will be privacy security. Social networks are starting more involve in advertising industry. For example Twitter wants to collect data of user’s reaction to the TV advertising. We will have to get used to the similar futuristic visions and proposals, which seem to us now unrealistic. But history tells us something else. In this regard we can be optimistic, time will show how far these visions become the true. Due to the rapid and tumultuous developments in this area are these technologies knocking on the door already.