Smart TVs – Opportunity for the Users and the Business

26. October 2015

As the TVs and manner of their use have been undergoing a turbulent change in the recent years and the newly produced, the so-called smart TVs, represent a big opportunity for the customers, application makers, services providers and other entrepreneurs, it is useful to stop at this subject a little longer.

Petr Mazanec, an experienced developer of company Mautilus and specialist in the smart TV applications, published a very interesting article on the Computer World web site on the growing modern media of smart TVs, its perspectives, trends in the area of TV entertainment, development of applications for the smart TVs and their possibilities.

The changes in the area of the TVs use have been going on in the shadow of the events in respect of mobile phones but the statistics indicate that their impact on our electronic communication with our environment may be comparable, if not higher. This year, some 55 million of smart TVs will be manufactured which means, with the double digit growth as expected by company NPD DisplaySearch, approximately 130 million of the smart TVs manufactured in 2015. Therefore, it is quite likely that in the course of a few years you will have the smart TV at home as well.

What can be done with the smart TV now and what are the forecasts for the future?
Read more at Computer World.

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Petr Mazanec, current CTO in Mautilus, is a well-known software developer and engineer, expert on technologies and platforms: In-flight entertainment, NFC, SmartTV, Android, iPhone, HbbTV, mobile applications, C++, Java, Smart TV applications. He worked with Siemens as Development Lead of applications for Symbian, iPhone and Android platforms for many years. He has been cooperating with Masaryk University in Brno as a lecturer on development for mobile devices.

He has gained the following awards:

  • Forum Nokia Champion in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011;
  • WIMA 2010 NFC Global Competition Finalist, awarded as a UIQ3 SonyEricsson Fellow Expert;
  • Symbian Accredited developer;
  • “Because of the Code” Symbian competition winner;
  • "Wiki S60 Touch UI Contest" Winner, December 2008;
  • Co-translator of the book, “Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones” into Czech;
  • Founder of small Czech Symbian company “DumplingSoft”;
  • 2009 Calling all Innovators "Apps on Maps" - Finalist;
  • 2010 Calling all Innovators – Participant in the Czech National Category;
  • Known as “stenlik” in developers´ discussion boards and forums.