A new book about the development of NFC technology for Android

21. October 2015

In April 2013 came on the market the unique comprehensive guide on professional development and the use of NFC technology "Professional NFC Application Development for Android"

Petr Mazanec, CTO of Mautilus, performed for publishers John Wiley & Sons as a technical editor of this book. NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is the future especially in the field of mobile phones use.

NFC wireless technology enables (on the basis of radio transmission) transferring data between electronic devices on short distances up to 20 cm in a simple and safe way. Thanks to mobile applications using NFC technology a person can for example perform contact-less transactions, request of information and have access to digital content or exchange contacts via touch tag with another device.

Mautilus Software Solution has been dealing with NFC technology for several years and is one of the pioneers of NFC technology in Europe; providing a complete costumer service - consultations, to development of NFC applications for mobile phones as Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, or integrating contactless technologies into existing systems and more.

Professional NFC Application Development for Android - ISBN-10: 1118380096 | ISBN-13: 978-1118380093 is available on Amazon, Wiley.