Mautilus and its "President in the pocket"

21. October 2015

The Mautilus company, as the only company in the Czech Republic, has introduced a new mobile application President 2013 to the market.

This free application is designated for the iPhone and Android smartphones and its aim is to serve its users all available information on the ongoing presidential elections right into their pockets. In one spot you will find new articles covering the elections filtered from the biggest news servers, an event calendar, profiles of the candidates and public opinion surveys. You can vote for your favorite candidate and at the same time view the results of votes of other users. If you travel, there is a map with the closest election room at your disposal.

The application is strictly impartial and is not supposed to influence the constituency to vote for a certain candidate. The aim is to turn the elections into entertainment and to persuade more, especially young people, to actively participate in the elections. The Ekonom weekly paper (issue 2/2013) mentions the application President 2013 in the top technologies section, but unfortunately the spelled the name of the developer Mautilus the wrong way and referred to it as Mautilius.

App President 2013 to download for Android and iPhone.