New version of Smart TV SDK – Tizen, VAST & more

20. February 2017

Those of you, who have heard about our company at least once probably know that Smart TV app development is one of our domains. What you may not know is that we have also developed our own Smart TV SDK that is available for free. This SDK now got enhanced even more!

The main benefit of using the SDK is indisputably the fact that the applications are developed only once, and thanks to drivers dynamically loaded from the SDK, they can be installed and run on any TV platform. Applications based on Mautilus Smart TV SDK™ share the same source code across all platforms, which enormously reduces the effort required for the application development and simplifies the long-term maintenance.

The SDK is now available in version 2.1.292 and the key changes & improvements that we have been working on are as follows:

  • Samsung Tizen 2016 support added
  • LG webOS 3.x support added
  • Enhancement of SONY PlayStation 3/4 drivers
  • Hisense Vidaa 2015 and 2016 TV support added
  • Improved SDK Documentation (How to use DRM, VAST module guide)
  • The support for 4K playback on Samsung Tizen TVs added
  • Method improved and extended
  • DRM support improved and simplified (method Player.setDRM())
  • Video player improvements and fixes
  • The VAST standard is supported in the following scope:

    • VAST 3.0 is supported, see specification
    • InLine, Wrapper (VAST servers could be chained) and Error elements are supported 
    • Linear ad types are supported
    • Duration and MediaFiles elements are supported by Linear ads
    • Only MPEG-4 progressive download ad video playback is supported
    • Skippable ads are supported (see chapter 2.3.2 of the VAST 3.0 specification) 
    • Impression element is supported
    • Tracking of following events is supported: start, firstQuartile, midpoint, thirdQuartile, complete, skip
    • Support for tracking of multiple events and impressions

More detailed information about the SDK can be found here.