Smart TV application “Dirigent” conducted by Mautilus

21. October 2015

The new Smart TV application “Dirigent”, created by Mautilus the end of 2013, combines in an interactive way the modern world of Smart TV with classical music.

Users of this application can listen to recordings of important musical works of Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana and other Czech composers and get interesting information from the history of Czech classical music through the unique photographs.

Application will be showed until the end of March 2014 in the National Theatre in Prague as a part of exposition of the Czech significant conductor Zdeněk Košler, which is also presented in the application.

Application “Dirigent” can be downloaded on SamsungApps and with the latest Samsung TV model users can control the application via hand movements.

For a live introduction please see "Dirigent" app spot on Czech TV.