Touch2Shop - Shop window technology from Mautilus

21. October 2015

Are you tired of the boring layout of your shop window? Do you want to attract customers and sell even when the shop is closed?

Touch2Shop is a unique shop window concept conceived by the Mautilus, s.r.o. company. The basic idea is to change the way people perceive shop windows and to turn a static display of merchandise into an interactive space where potential shoppers are intrigued and entertained. People passing by the shop window can change the arrangement, look at the merchandise, leaf through specifications, watch product videos, participate in competitions or buy products online even if the shop is closed.

Main benefits of Touch2Shop

  • Sale even when the shop is closed.
  • Unlimited opportunities with regard to individual settings according to the customer's needs, in terms of appearance and branding as well as functionality. Each realisation is unique.
  • Exclusive hi-tech solutions.
  • The customer is entertained
  • The customer can take part in competitions
  • It is suitable for marketing campaigns.
  • It can be used in combination with special discounts.

Many elements can be used to control the processes inside the shop, e.g. mobile phones, capacity sensors or cameras. Most electronic devices located inside can be controlled and switched on, e.g. lights, speakers, electric motors, appliances or even model railways. The system is highly variable and its setting depends on the customer's wish and specific solutions as implemented.

Our shop window technology is presented by technical demonstration of a display case presented at ICONPRAGUE 2013 where it attracted the attention of many participants.

In the absence of the customer, light animation of the shop window is operated automatically to attract the attention of passers-by. If one is interested in the merchandise on display, one can download an application enabling the selection of the products via a NFC tag or QR code placed on the window. Once downloaded, the application establishes connection with the shop window and the customer can browse the products on display. If they need more information about a specific product, it is highlighted in the shop window and detailed description is displayed on a tablet. The demonstration application simulates online purchase as well.

To learn more about our innovative shop window technology, please contact us.