Price quote

Do you want to get a custom application or a multiscreen solution from the market leader that would fulfill your requirements for reasonable costs? Do you need a price quote for such a solution? We will be happy to prepare it for you!


Do you need a partner skilled in technologies? Would you like to know, how is it possible to extend your services with a mobile or Smart TV solution? Just let us know. We will be more than pleased to give you an advice.


Do you have an idea, but you are afraid to realize it just by yourself? Regardless whether you are a strong company without the necessary know-how, a start-up or a private person, who wants make his or her ideas happen. Just let us know about your ideas and we will tell you what the possibilities are and how much it would cost to make it a reality. If you are interested, we will sign NDA in advance to protect your ideas. 

Career & fun

Are you looking for a job, where you could participate in projects for international companies and still enjoy it? Do you want to work at a place, where your ideas and their realization would not be limited? Check out our job offers in Brno or just let us know what is your expertise and goals. We will gladly meet you. We will be happy to meet you. In the meantime, you can take a look at what we are having fun with at our Facebook page.