Czech TV Nova tests blue button within HbbTV

12. April 2017

During the last week, TV Nova, the biggest Czech commercial television, successfully tested the implementation of the blue button into its HbbTV application. The blue button was visible during a two-hour test on Nova Gold channel.

„In the upcoming days, we will continue testing also on our other channels. The blue button will be used for notifying viewers about an interesting content of TV Nova and for other marketing purposes” commented Jana Ondrejechová from TV Nova.

The implementation of the blue button functionality is being prepared by Mautilus using their product HbbTV Event Manager that allows to handle all the details of scheduling and serving HbbTV advertisements.

The Czech development company is also responsible for the development of the whole HbbTV application that currently includes access to EPG, both local and international news feed, and the video content from popular TV series produced by TV Nova.