Mautilus application turns incoming Czech presidential elections smart

07. December 2012

Brno, December 7, 2012 - Mautilus, a leading Brno, South Moravia-based customer software and smart application designer is launching a phone application that aims to attract more people to vote in the incoming Czech presidential elections that will take place on January 11-12, 2013.

The application is suitable for Android and iPhone, and its first version is available starting on December 5, 2012 (iPhone) and December 7, 2012 (Android).

“We are observing with great concern a lenient approach of people in our country towards politics and voting in general. Such an attitude is even more striking with young people. This is why we decided to do something about it,” said Řehoř Vykoupil, a founding partner with Mautilus.

One of the reasons that fuels apathy during political elections is the lack of up-to-date information and of a sense of engagement with the ongoing competition. This is exactly what the new Mautilus application is addressing. The app aims to bring all information available on elections straight to people’s pockets. The app contains news, an events calendar, candidates’ profiles and polls. It draws information from the largest Czech internet dailies and and from Zprá

In the updated version 2 of the application, which is to come out till 14th of December, news from will be added. “The choice of our media partners shows how important it is for us to provide people with accurate information on the incoming elections. It is for the first time in our post-communist history when Czechs can choose their future president directly. That’s why we want people to have all the right tools in place in order to be able to make a solid qualified choice,” said Ivan Bradáč, a partner with Mautilus who stands behind the app design.

“I can remember how deeply involved we – the students of the Velvet Revolution – were at the time of the first free elections in Czechoslovakia in 1990. What I can see now is no interest or resignation. This is the best time in the world to remember the importance of freedom, because only such freedom can lead us forward,” he said.

The application will also include the latest poll results delivered to Mautilus by MEDIAN, Focus Marketing & Social Research and ppm factum.

The future Czech president in your pocket

The Mautilus app strives to bring together all relevant information on the presidential elections, thus cutting through the media noise around the matter. The outcome is a quick and clever overview of what’s going on in the presidential race. Yet, the information isn’t meant to influence voters in a certain direction. “The application is strictly impartial. We only want to make sure people have all they need to vote. Our goal is to transform elections into an enjoyable experience,” Bradáč said.

The first version of the app is available on Android from December 7, 2012, and on iPhones from December 5. Another feature is that voters can express their voting preference and see the preferences of other app users. Thus, users can watch the preferences of other people who are using the same app and get a confirmation whether their choice is in line with the mood of the crowd. “We want to create a feeling of community and engagement. Such participation could further motivate people to go and cast their vote,” Bradáč said.

The Mautilus app is designed for all Czech citizens with voting rights who own a smart phone running on Android or iPhone. “We also want to send a message to technology fans that new technologies can help increase the engagement of young people in politics. We want to spread our name in the geek community and tie it with the values in which we believe; cool applications plus a responsible approach to the world we live in,” Vykoupil said.

Easy to vote when not in town

Last but not least, in the second version of the app to come out till December 14, the Mautilus app aims to provide a map to the closest voting places for electors even when traveling outside their place of residence. Each voter can get a voting license, which entitles him or her to vote in any polling place in the Czech Republic, while the closest polling place can be easily spotted in the application. The launch of this functionality is pending on information from official sources on final voting places. “This function is important if, for example, you travel during the elections day. If you can easily spot the closest place where you can go vote, this would boost your motivation to cast your ballot even further,” Bradáč says.

“If people can find their way to the closest voting section easily, have fun casting their vote and sharing their choice with other people, this would encourage others to do the same. We want to show young people that joining the political process can be easy and fun. Our app is meant to empower your Czechs to influence our democracy, thanks to the newest technology that lies in their hands,” Bradáč concluded.

Mautilus stands behind smart applications for television and phones. It also provides tailor-made customer software for companies such as Continental, ABB or Siemens. On the market since 2010, the company has been growing rapidly and is now occupying a prominent role on the market of smart applications in the Czech Republic and the CEE region.

For more information please contact:
Ivan Bradáč
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