Mautilus develops for Radio Free Europe on the application of smart TV

17. September 2014

For the first time, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is about to offer its content via a smart TV application – all around the world. This application has been developed for the station by Mautilus in Brno, based at the JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre). Previously this company has made a name by working on icflix, the Arabian version of Netflix, while also developing Voyo and Czech Radio’s iRadio. The app for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is to be launched in February 2015.

Brno, 21 September 2014

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty will be using the services of Mautilus, which will develop applications for smart televisions. Mautilus specialises primarily in the development of client applications for music and video streaming in mobile devices, game consoles and smart televisions. Mautilus is the market leader in Central Europe in this field.

“Radio Free Europe carries out a broad range of activities in the Middle East. Today, we operate in the Arabian world as the main developers for end users of icflix in Dubai. An important customer like this will help us win recognition in Asia and other parts of the world”, noted Řehoř Vykoupil, Company CEO.

These days, radio waves are not the only technology which can be used by stations to spread their message: web sites and mobile applications can be now used for the same purpose. Alongside these options will soon appear a smart televisions platform. Mautilus is to develop for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty an application which will ensure global broadcasting of audio-visual news reports through a wide spectrum of television platforms.

“Creating such apps for video and audio streaming is the sort of thing we do every day. For RFE/RL in particular, our experience and expertise with graphic interface rotation will play a key role. This is critical in the case of right-to-left languages. Apart from the technical side, developing this application also represents for us a personal matter – linking us to our own past”, explained Petr Mazanec, CTO of Mautilus.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is no longer just the radio we once knew. Now it is more a news service, offering news podcasts (AoD) and Video reports (VoD), which are currently available for mobile applications.

Radio Free Europe’s Czech broadcasting finished in 2002, and the station subsequently set up shop in other regions. Today, its broadcasting helps people in the Near East, post-Soviet Republics and in Central Asia. Through objective news, it endeavours to bring information to inhabitants of countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan and Iran. Currently, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcasts in 28 languages in 21 countries.

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