Mautilus: Discover the potential of smart TVs!

27. February 2013

The application and use of smart TVs have been put in the shade by the events in the Czech mobile phone market. Their potential for Czech firms from the digital content industry is huge, though. TVCON, the first international conference held in Prague on 7th March, will try to answer the question of how this potential can be discovered and fully used. TVCON is organized by the server in collaboration with Mautilus, leading Czech designer of applications for TVs, multimedia centres, smart phones and tablets.

Other TVCON partners are Level3,, most visited Czech web portal, and Nangu.TV, major manufacturer and provider of solutions for IPTV and OTT (over-the-top or also Internet streaming). The media partners are the Strategie monthly and the server. The conference is held with the support of the South Moravian Innovation Centre.

Greater impact than mobile applications

The changes that the sector of smart TVs has underwent in the past three years in the area of user interface, hardware equipment and remote control possibilities are so progressive that the development is now very favourable to all those who are going to offer their services for smart TVs. “TVs and their application have undergone a turbulent change in recent years. Although these changes are less visible in the shade of the events in the area of mobile phones, they are no smaller and their impact on our electronic communication with the external world can be comparable, if not even greater”, comments the news Petr Mazanec, Mautilus’s CTO responsible for the development of applications for smart TVs.

Mautilus produces complete smart applications for the global market

The Brno-based company Mautilus is the sole Czech company developing applications for all types of smart devices: mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs. Mautilus provides tailored software solutions for companies such as Continental, ABB, Český Rozhlas, Nokia or Siemens. Mautilus was founded in 2010, and thanks to its fast growth, Mautilus now holds the leading position in the smart applications market in the Czech Republic and in the Central and Eastern Europe regions.

For more information please contact:

Petr Mazanec
Chief Technology Officer
+420 5 1111 6550 

Cristina Muntean
PR Deputy Director
Media Education CEE
+420 776 574 925