RTL, Mautilus & OiV begin to test HbbTV potential in Croatia

15. November 2016

RTL has teamed up with OiV and Mautilus in order to start testing the true HbbTV potential in Croatia for RTL Hrvatska.

RTL has implemented HbbTV testing application to its terrestrial broadcast in Croatia in cooperation with OiV, the broadcast network operator and leading provider of radio and television broadcasting in Croatia, and Mautilus, the technological leader of HbbTV application development based in the Czech Republic, to explore HbbTV opportunities within the Croatian market for RTL Hrvatska.

From the technological perspective, the testing will be conducted based on HbbTV solution, provided by Mautilus and implemented by OiV, using hidden broadcast-related auto start application that launches immediately after changing to a preselected TV channel or after its transmission to the current TV channel starts. The solution primarily uses HTTP transport protocol with the URL of the application. Mautilus has already conducted similar tests in several European & Asian countries.

After collecting a sufficient amount of data, the companies will conduct further analysis and decide which follow-up solutions would be ideal to implement into RTL Hrvatska broadcasting services. Regarding the follow-up opportunities within HbbTV platform, Mautilus has prepared several solutions such as end-to-end advertising system called HENMAN that takes care of scheduling HbbTV advertisements or HbbTV white-label applications that provide additional content to the viewers.