2 reasons why you should get a custom Roku app

19. December 2016

Roku devices and operating system offer great potential within OTT market as they are one of the most used platform. So here is why you should get a custom app for this platform.

Haven't heard about Roku yet?

If you live outside the U.S., you may haven’t heard about Roku. So what it is and what it offers to viewers? The Roku is primarily a streaming media device/set-top box, which means it takes content from the Internet and displays it on TV. Roku currently offers six models of streaming devices, differentiated by performance and features. Recently, Roku has also started preparing Smart TVs in cooperation with several TV vendors that have built-in the Roku OS, so called Roku TV. You can check more information about these here. But all Roku devices can access all approx. 3500+ Roku applications.

All Roku streaming devices

The market share

In terms of streaming devices, Roku main competitors are Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast, which are all really popular devices across the globe. For example, in the U.S., these devices all together have more or less the same number of users as Smart TVs.

The share of connected TVs by type in the U.S.
Share of connected TVs by type in the U.S.

Source: emarketer, Hillside Partner, Bill Estimates

That being said, the position of Roku is quite dominating within these streaming media devices in the U.S. Meaning that Roku emerged as the device of choice for U.S. cord cutters and “cord nevers”, with remarkably higher reported ownership of 38 percent versus less than 20 percent reported for each of the other streaming media devices with the same audience. Some market reports have put up slightly different numbers (usually in between 37 and 49 %), but the bottom line is that Roku is one of the most used OTT platforms in the U.S.

Device Share Amongst OTT Streaming Devices in the U.S.
Device Share Amongst OTT Streaming Devices in the U.S.

Source: comScore Total Home Panel Custom Analysis, March 2016

However, the worldwide situation within streaming media devices is different. We haven't found more up-to-date market report than Q3 2015, where Roku is sitting at 3. - 4. place in terms of market share, which makes it still a great platform to extend your services with and reach 10+ million households around the world.

Roku Direct Publisher

In the beginning of October, Roku introduced an update to Roku® Publishing Platform, Roku Direct Publisher, that allows launching apps without entering a single line of code. Commenting on the launch Bill Shapiro, director of product management of Roku OS, said: “With the launch of Roku Direct Publisher, we are empowering content owners to be able to get on the Roku platform quickly, develop an audience and drive monetization.”

Roku Direct Publisher is a great tool that is suitable for OTT services that are not capable of covering the costs of custom made applications, but, as the consequence, every single person (or service) with content can now have a Roku channel… and how do you stand out from the crowd that big?


If your main goal is to provide your viewers with the best user experience and interface and simply offer the best possible service, you should get a custom designed Roku application. Not only you will get all the benefits of Roku platform, but you will also offer something different and definitely more clean & fresh. Not to mention the possibility of implementing more complicated solutions and features that may be as crucial as the interface.

 MauTV OTT White-label for Roku – homepage

Having done many multiplatform projects for top-class OTT services, we have put together the dedicated team for Roku application development to provide evenly top-class UX design and programming and help you to stand above the crowd! 

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