07. August 2013

The Google Company recently introduced interesting TV accessories called Chromecast, costing 35 dollars and which someone pointing like the killer of Smart TVs.

We informed about this news on our Facebook ( Clearly we did not resist, immediately ordered the device and started the real testing if it is coming the end of Smart TV era

Chromecast is a pleasant small device and the whole impression putting down just the necessity to plug the cable to USB port or to an attached adapter (if TV does not have USB). But as we found out newest TV with HDMI 1.4 can stay without this power supply (it is provided directly from HDMI.

Chromecast with this interface should be able automatically find out incoming streaming, switch on TV and switch to the right channel. We have not had the time to try this yet. According to the title it seems that the software will ensure Chrome OS, surprisingly it does adjusted system from GoogleTV (Chromecast hardware is also similar to it).

However do not expect Android application on it, Dalvik VM was removed. More information you can find on The system is updated without the user intervention through OTA. Chromecast enables multimedia content streaming on plugged TV.

By plugging more devices you can make home multimedia network where the single TVs are named and you can easily switch to the device on which the content may be streamed. For example on the browser is pleasant that it is not transmitted the whole screen of monitor but just the content of the current tab or directly just Youtube video. We tried streaming from different sources and finally via Chromecast and Chrome SDK we played tic tac toe on two tablets against each other.

Chrome SDK is in beta version and applications using SDK must not be published, although appear some interesting “proof of concept” applications like streaming content of Android mobile (its author created server on mobile to which Chromecast can be connected) or like direct streaming from cloud DropBox. Cromecast is very skilful gadget despite probably will not replace SmartTV and GoogleTV, more complete. Its philosophy is different and usage is focused mainly on streaming so far.

SmartTV producers should take these kind of devices like impulse for more intensive work, for innovation of SmartTVs, making them faster and simpler and lastly better promote SmartTVs on market. Capture a huge television market is the lure that attracts a number of companies so there we will certainly see a number of surprises… As developers of OTT and multiscreen solutions we constantly follow the new technologies. We are already looking forward to release of the final SDK, where we can offer the right “one click stream” pleasure to users of our applications. Hardware parameters of Chromecast:

  • 1 core SoC Marvell DE3005
  • 802.11 b/g/n WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 GB NAND
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Supports systems Android 2.3+, iOS 6+, Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.7+

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