Custom software development

14. August 2012

If your business activities require a functionality, which has not been covered with any existing software product, you need custom developed software. We can develop a complete brand-new solution for you, which will meet your needs precisely; On the other hand, in a number of cases it is not necessary to develop everything from scratch, and it is much more efficient to adopt, extend and integrate some existing software solution.

Custom software

If you want learn more, see how we develop software or if you want us to develop a customized application, contact us.

Mobile Devices, Smart TVs and Server solutions

The core of our knowledge is development of applications for mobile devices and Smart TVs.We can create first-class applications which are easy-to-control, while having complex functionality and professional design of graphic interface. And we also know how to connect our application to the Internet. We provide custom server solutions, where mobile devices and smart TVs act like clients. The server part of the system may be run on your hardware, or we can transfer that to the Internet – “cloud”.


How does the development proceed in the field of mobile technologies, nowadays? Mobile phones with advanced functions (smartphones) have been massively spread in the population; in several years, actually everyone will be online using his/her mobile phone. On the one hand, more and more users have discovered the advantages of quick connection based on 3G technology; on the other hand it will be the LTE technology which will bring nearly everybody to the online world, finally.

Why to order a custom software in our company

  • We have a great team of experts, who are the winners of numerous world competitions and who gained many years’ experience in the field of development of applications for mobile devices
  • Our test lab has been provided with enormous quantity of equipment so we are able to test your applications properly. At the present time, when there is a huge fragmentation of devices with various resolutions, this is a crucial factor for making the decision of what company you charge with development of your application.
  • We deal with your development needs from the very beginning when it is important to understand your business project, starting from the design of wire-frame, and finishing with loading the application to the particular store, marketing of the application and its maintenance.
  • We work in global scope and realize your projects wherever in the world you or your partners are.
  • With satisfied customers from the whole Europe, Mautilus, s.r.o. is a leading supplier of custom applications for smart phones, tablets, smart televisions and HbbTV. We supply applications that are easy-to-control, with professional design of graphic interface, for small companies as well as for large multinational corporations.

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