Delivering OTT and HbbTV front-end applications reliably and quickly

15. April 2016

First, let’s consider what are the four most common customers’ requirements when front-end application development is being discussed:

  1. Keeping up with a tight schedule. In OTT business, everything is done at the last moment, so if we are lucky we have to deliver a solution in 3 months
  2. Demand for "optimizing" the price is always on the table.
  3. Guarantee of support for new device models upcoming in next 2 years.
  4. Showing a demo, ideally right now.

It is not a surprise that launching an OTT or HbbTV service for a big screen is a challenging project with many risks. Moreover, preparing front-end applications is a long‑term task, which requires thousands of hours of development and testing on a large number of TV models and set-top boxes.

How could one deal with that? Well, unless you are a kind of a wizard, you need to have a team ready to support a customer with a prepared solution for all platforms or … you need us and the only magic trick is to give us a call.

Saying us, I mean Mautilus company because we have a solution for all four challenges and we will be showing it at this year’s TV Connect. We have decided to solve above mentioned issues and remove the risks from our customers.  We have prepared white-label solutions for HbbTV and OTT services, both of which are based on our long-term experience with custom software development, so they include the best of all the applications we have developed so far.

We "optimized" the price without being forced to compromise the quality, which is important especially now if we think about the level of the big screen market fragmentation we are facing (Smart TV/HbbTV/Roku/Apple TV/Android TV/Fire TV/etc.).

So in brief, we offer a cost-effective, professional, and ready to use solution, which makes the OTT or HbbTV launch easy, safe and imposing at the same time. Our company has prepared a fully customizable solution that includes the set of features every modern broadcaster or service provider needs.

Being personally involved in the product development for many months, I can honestly say that our solution has been developed with a passion and we have spent a lot of time by taking care of every single detail. Now, we want to share this passion with you and your viewers. 

Come to see us at the TV Connect 2016!

Petr Mazanec

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