Get ready, set, TV!

03. June 2016

It has truly been a year of HbbTV for us so far as we launched another big HbbTV project on the 31st of May. This time for the Czech biggest search engine – Google's biggest competitor on the Czech market.

During the night from the 30th to the 31st of May, the time had come and we were launching the HbbTV project for To make sure that all goes as smooth as possible, our team was carefully watching the initial launch of broadcasting at 2:25am. TV is the first HbbTV portal in the Czech Republic. The HbbTV application itself allows the viewer to watch the content from Seznam's AVOD service called

With this project, Seznam has joined Czech Television, the biggest public broadcaster, and several other private broadcasters like TV Óčko and TV Prima, in the field of HbbTV broadcasting in the Czech Republic.

From the technical point of view, the project is based on DVB-T that broadcasts the 360 Kbps video loop – via the fourth multiplex in the Czech Republic – concurrently with the HbbTV app within the object carousel. However, an extension to DVB-S and DVB-C is being planned already.

We used more than 50 TVs for iterative testing as the UI of the application was more complex than usual and the number one goal was achieving the best possible responsiveness – as always after all. Due to this effort, we were able to guarantee that the app will run smoothly not only on the latest and popular models but also on older models and less common brands.

To get a better picture of application's UI and to see how it actually works, you check out this video.

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