How much a mobile app costs? & things to consider

18. July 2016

We think that nobody wonders this is the most frequent question not only that we get, but that’s being searched for all over the Internet. Here you will find the answer and things you should consider regarding your mobile app when outsourcing the development.

Before we approach the costs of mobile app development more specifically, you also need to understand that it would be far from optimal to mention precise prices as every project varies to a certain extent. You can expect the approximate ones, though.

Let’s imagine you have decided that you want to outsource mobile app development for your new project or service, but you have no idea how much it might cost. So what to take into consideration…?

Number of platforms

First and probably the most important thing to consider is a number of platforms. While the mobile market is basically divided between two platforms (iOS & Android) it is clear that an app for both of them is the way to go. Nonetheless, in case that your budget is really restricted or you want to develop a specific app that would not make sense on the other one (or does such an app exist?) then you can pick just one to start with. Since the development for both platforms costs approximately the same, the costs double with both platforms (with some exceptions of course).

Native or cross-platform?!

If you have decided for both platforms, you may  consider whether you would like a native or cross-platform app. If you are looking for an app without compromises on each of the platforms & budget is not the main issue, go for native development. If you want to save some money and the apps don’t have to have all the native features, you may go with cross-platform development.

Design & UI

The question you should ask yourself is: “Do I need a unique design & UI or will a customized white-label do its job?”. Things that have to be done (or at least that we do when creating a unique app design) take a lot of time and include preparation of wireframes & graphical design and therefore influence the time to market as it can be one of the crucial aspects if you develop a new product. For the sake of successful product/service, it’s better to keep your app as simple as possible and go with the white-labelled design. If you already have your product running and neither budget nor time is your main concern, better choose a unique design.

Log in/authorization of users

Will the users use only your User Management System or they can log in via Facebook, Google+ etc.? It is pretty clear that more options basically equal to higher costs, so keep that in mind. You should also know that any type of authorization requires communication with your server and UMS and hence it is necessary to adequately prepare the backend.

Payment systems, in-app purchases

Yet another important feature that can make the costs higher. Moreover, if you need to implement in-app purchases Apple takes 30% of the amount, Google takes 20%. That’s why we often prepare apps so that the payment doesn’t have to be done in-app.

App analytics

It is always a good idea to keep track of app usage by your users and eventually measure the performance over the time. There is a plenty of solutions to implement in order to do so, some for free with limited options, some for a certain price offering more complex reports. Here you can find which analytical tools we have implemented in OTT/VoD projects and which we recommend.


As we stated in the beginning, it is not ideal to give you specific prices as they may differ in your project. But it wouldn’t be helpful to give you none, would it?

The price range you should expect for standard apps developed natively for both platforms with a unique, clean design & UI and without any fancy feature is somewhere around €35,000-40,000. That is not the minimal price though. You can further cut the costs as we described throughout the article. But in the end it is the matter of your requirements and things that you wish to implement – regarding OTT services it is typically things like VoD, LiveTV, DRM, EPG, recommendation engine, social networks etc. that will influence the final price most. 

There surely is still a plenty of aspects to consider in every project so don't hesitate to contact us for further details and individual price quotations.

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