Mautilus participated in CONVIVA workshop

12. January 2016

A few days before Christmas we received an early present as we had a chance to attend to Conviva workshop led by Spencer Wise and Vitali Kniazeu from the Conviva team.

Conviva is an advanced measurement tool that allows you to collect and evaluate the huge amount of data about your video streams and its viewers. That allows Conviva’s customers to have a comprehensive view into their online video business and to have an in-depth perspective enabling them to make critical decisions in order to ensure the best viewing experience for each and every one of their viewers.

During the workshop we learned all the tips and tricks on how to implement Conviva tool into our applications across all platforms, how exactly can we properly test that afterwards and what to especially take care of.

After the workshop on a Christmas dinner, we also discovered that guys from the Conviva team are not only great professionals, but also delightful people to hang out with. :)

Author: Jan Hadrava

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