Mautilus Rewind 2016

13. January 2017

The year of 2016 was characterized by a plenty of new interesting projects for clients all around the world, development of our HbbTV products and OTT white-label applications and growth of our services as the technological leader within OTT development.

Numbers worth thousand words

Y2Y turnover growth: 60 %
New employees: 15
New devices for testing: 50
Hours of having fun: countless


Plenty of highlight projects were done for both current and new clients primarily within OTT and VOD services, but partly also within e-commerce and other areas. We devoted the most time to projects for Smart TV and HbbTV platforms, but other platforms were gaining greater importance by the end of the year. TV

The very first HbbTV portal in Central and Eastern Europe was launched for, the biggest Czech web portal and search engine. To make sure TV is perfectly set up and all goes as smooth as possible, we were carefully watching the initial launch of broadcasting at 2:25am.

In the media: HbbTV first for Czech Republic

TV Nova HbbTV

The biggest Czech commercial television, TV Nova, and our HbbTV application that was deployed to six TV channels. Do we need to say more? Well, by the Czech media, it was identified as the pinnacle of hybrid broadcasting in terms of graphical design.

In the media: Czech Nova launches HbbTV

4K streaming of Olympic Games

Together with Slovak Telekom, we prepared the first commercial 4K streaming application in Central and Eastern Europe with coverage of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It is always good to be first, isn’t it?

In the media: 4K streaming first in CEE

FRAG for T-Mobile

It is just all TVs so far, right? But we develop pretty good apps for mobile platforms as well. Let’s confirm it by FRAG for Android smartphone users as it is the next frond-end solution for T-Mobile’s service, where users can easily access, purchase and consume the content including audiobooks, books, magazines, games etc.

HBO.GO (Latin America) for Xbox 360

Besides other new projects, we did further cooperated with HBO to deliver HBO.GO application for Xbox 360 in Latin America.

HbbTV cooperation with RTL

One of the latest news. By the end of the year, we also teamed up with RTL & OiV in order to start expanding HbbTV services of RTL Hrvatska in Croatia.

In the media: RTL starts Croatian HbbTV trial

And the list goes on...

  • Evropa 2/Europa 2/Frekvence 1 for Lagardère
  • HbbTV interactive ads for Hyundai & Vodafone
  • HbbTV application for TV Markíza
  • series of HbbTV testing in Balkan & Caucasian countries

New Products

New products were important part of our efforts in 2016. We finished the first version of our HbbTV Event Manager (called HENMAN) that works as E2E advertising system and takes care of scheduling HbbTV advertisements and serving the HbbTV advertisement templates.

And we also worked on enhancement of our OTT white-label applications and prepared new solutions for Apple TV, iOS and Android TV.

The New Web

Days and days of sweat, coffees and tears were all worth it. Well, see for yourself, the difference is pretty obvious – hopefully for the better. Nonetheless, we still work hard to get it even better.

Events & conferences

TVCON 2016

Our annual conference that covers the world of OTT and TV broadcasting took place for the fourth time in Prague, Czech Republic. And it has been the biggest one yet! With plenty of fun. As usual.

Mautilus @ TV Connect, London

At TV Connect in London, we showcased our OTT white-label solutions for Smart TV, HbbTV, Android & game consoles. In the meantime, our developers did attend the hackathon in which they ended up second. Not too bad considering that they went to party in between the two days of competing.

Mautilus @ HbbTV Symposium, Madrid

In Madrid, it was all about HbbTV. We did exhibit our new HbbTV products such as HbbTV Event Manager, HbbTV VOD Portal and HbbTV white-label applications and our CTO, Petr Mazanec, also presented our knowledge and experienced with Monetization and advertising in HbbTV applications.

But that's not all – we almost traveled the world...

  • in Warsaw, Poland
  • Samsung Developement Conference in San Diego, California
  • IBC in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • TV Connect Africa in Cape Town, South Africa

We didn't just work though

In 2016, we became accustomed with going skiing or hiking to the Alps, going mountain biking or just playing netball after work.


In 2016, we became more than accustomed with going skiing or hiking to the Alps, going mountain biking or just playing netball after work.

Board games

As we work on a lot of demanding projects, we tent to reduce stress and have more fun. Together. These also develop logical thinking and team spirit pretty well.

X-mas party

As every year, we all met before Christmas and 2016 was celebrated. Properly.

Thanks for amazing 2016!

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