On Nautilus, Mautilius, Mazenec and other SEO brain-twisters that make our day

01. July 2013

Two female reporters chat over a cup of coffee. “I heard you’re getting married this weekend. Congratulations! I guess you must be really excited,” one says. “Yeah, very,” the other one answers. “I’m quite worried as well. I am changing my name and I have no idea what will happen to my SEO after the wedding,” she says.

It may look like a joke, but it’s actually a real chat. Only 15 years ago this conversation would have sounded like science fiction. Today, it’s reality. How our name is being spelled in the almighty digital world can influence our daily existence. And we at Mautilus have our share of stories to tell on that one.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Mautilus is a great name and we love it. Our growing team of developers is being identified more and more with the values such as integrity, responsibility and friendliness that the brand stands for. Yet, we are also aware that some of our clients might get slightly confused when looking for us online.

Here is why:


No, we are not Nautilus, we are Mautilus. According to Wikipedia, Nautilus (meaning, by the way, sailor in Greek) is the common name of – drum roll, please – pelagic marine mollusks of the cephalopod family Nautilidae, the sole extant family of the superfamily Nautilaceae and of its smaller but near equal suborder, Nautilina. You most certainly got it, right? Well, here is what a nautilus looks like:


Now, we might love the seaside and we might be fascinated by this intriguing creature. Yet, last time we checked, we were Mautilus, a multiscreen application developer for smart technology based in the IT heart of Central Europe: Brno, Czech Republic, and not a form of sea life.


Even journalists can get it wrong from time to time. In December, when we launched our major public interest smart phone app President 2013, the most reputable Czech economic weekly Ekonom wrote about us this way:


Well, I guess this might fall under the category: “Get it first, but first, get it right.” We value our relations with the local and international media, and yet we’re aware that from time to time, we’ll need to drop a line to ask for a name correction here and there. It’s just life.


Early this month good news reached our office. Our colleague and chief technology officer (CTO) Petr Mazanec edited one of the most comprehensive books on NFC technology written so far, and the book has just seen the light of the day. Our surprise wasn’t small when we saw the book reference: our colleague, the technical editor of the book, was referred to as Petr Mazenec.

So, we should launch a competition: what’s easier to pronounce for a non-Czech speaker, Mazenec or Mazanec? For the moment we leave that up to your consideration. We only underline that Mazanec, our great CTO’s name, actually means a type of slightly sweetened loaf of bread popular at Easter. Does it sound yummy? Hmmm, maybe in the future it might even help us and our readers avoid some more confusion.

So, getting married isn’t the only time to start getting worried about your search engine optimization, or SEO. The merciless world of digital communication has its own rules, and quality SEO is one of them. For us, it’s clear: Mautilus – spelled M-A-U-T-I-L-U-S – means outstanding multiscreen application and tailor-made software development for smart technology; it meansSmartTV, Smartphone, Android, iPhone and AppleStore; it means NFC, HbbTV, Google TV, and iOS; it means so much more. For us, Mautilus means a friendly, responsible and strategic approach to our projects and clients, and a great place to work.

Mautilus is a growing company based in one of the most exciting app development locations on Earth: Brno, Czech Republic, Central Europe. We can only hope the intertwined world of search engines will pop the right outcome to our customers when they look for what we can deliver to them, and we are looking forward to more surprises around our name in our quest for becoming a respectable and renewed global app development company.

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