SDC 2016 by the eyes of Mautilus

27. May 2016

San Francisco hosted the fourth annual Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2016) from 27th to 28th April 2016 and we were of course there to collect all the news that we will use for application development – whether for Tizen TV, mobile phones or wearables devices.

Before the official launch, a number of practically oriented workshops took place in Moscone Center and they were held in a very friendly atmosphere. Participants could get acquainted with the promoted ARTIK SDK and take a look at a practical example for Smart TVs with Samsung Tizen interface. All of this was happening under the supervision of the lecturers, who are among the leading developers in the television interface.

The main program was scheduled for Wednesday morning when technological innovations from Samsung and companies that are supported by were introduced. The president of Samsung's mobile division, Mr. D.J. Koh, welcomed all the participants and gave the floor to other important people from Samsung, who gradually introduced the topics that SDC 2016 dealt with.

The entire conference revolved primarily around topics: Samsung Knox, Samsung ARTIK SDK, Samsung Health, Samsung Auto Connect, IoT, Soundcamp & games and virtual reality on Samsung devices.

The conference also included an exhibition hall, where everyone could try all the technological innovations and talk with both technological support and salesmen. It was possible to try out, for example, a 4D cinema using VR and Samsung Galaxy S7; Samsung SmartThings that can set up a smart home – and do things like automatically turning on the lights and pulling down the blinds when you return home – and Samsung Auto Connect, which allows to remotely open a car and turn on the air conditioning before starting the engine.

During these two days, up to five parallel lectures took place in the adjacent halls while each lecture was focused on a specific issue or topic. So games, virtual reality or wearables devices enthusiasts into games get their money's worth. We were mainly interested in news from the world of smart TVs. We got to know, for example, that there is already 21 million televisions with Tizen platform since 2015   and that Samsung collaborates with over 800 premium partners, which have distributed more than 20 billion hours of content to their customers.

Another novelty was the fact that Samsung is introducing a new product called Accelerator for 2016, which will allow users to access the content easier (ie. deeplinking). Samsung is trying to come up with a more intuitive interface for the users so that they don't have to think too much while using the device. That is why, it will be possible, for example, to assign a name to an HDMI output, where an external device is connected as it will be quite clear what is connected to it.

Another from the series of lectures was devoted to VOLT framework and Smart View Framework. With the growing number of smart TVs is growing also the community of hackers so we could watch also a lecture dedicated to the safety of television applications. They also introduced the multiplatform library TOAST.

As usual, the conference wasn't just about the lectures and exhibition, but the participants could enjoy Celebration Party between the first and second day, which took place on the ground floor. Everyone could try eg. to flight a small drone or to shoot in virtual reality.

The entire conference was from our point of view well organized, so it all went without any problem and to be honest organizers managed to keep our attention at the lectures and in the exhibition room as well. If it just a little bit possible, we will definitely attend this event next year again.

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