Server development

14. August 2012

A key part of our expertise is the option to incorporate our mobile phone applications into a client-server solution.

We offer server software development based on applications built on top of the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) platform. Java EE is the state-of-the-art server development platform, which allows to build reliable, high available, and scalable server applications. The Java EE technology provides effective means to develop systems with advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) in the front-end and high-performance databases in the back-end.

Based on our expertise in server software development, we offer solutions that are:

  • Highly available – we are able to provide solutions with a possibility of 99.99% up-time.
  • Scalable – we are able to provide solutions where the increasing load to the server can be efficiently controlled.

A sample solution based on the Java EE platform can look like this:

Java EE sample solution with technologies known at Mautilus

There are two kinds of clients in this kind of architecture:

  • HTML client – web browser. This client can be used for advanced processing of data like administration, analysis, or reporting, which can be done comfortably using a PC.
  • Application client – the mobile phone. This client can be used for fast entry and reading of data, which can be done at any time and anywhere just using the mobile phone.

Cloud solutions

We can design a customized server application to be used in the Cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service), using the technologies of Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure or Amazon WS.

The advantage of a Cloud solution is minimization of costs from the very beginning of the project, as it is not necessary to invest money in hardware, and along with increasing number of users of your systems, it is possible to purchase the proper capacity. And it is not possible that despite there is a call for your solution, your system is not able to service all the users.

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