SmartTV Multiscreen SDK

03. November 2013

Samsung at its historically first developer conference SDC2013 did not forget about Smart TVs. Besides of general lectures about the future of Smart TV or designing Smart TV applications was for us very interesting Multiscreen SDK which is under preparation (

SDK is used for launching and controlling applications on TV and for mutual sharing of the content. There is not so much information yet, but it looks like it might have from the user’s point of view partly similar functions, which has Chromecast.

SDK will be now accessible for the phones with Android operation system (also for others than Samsung) and iOS. In the future it is possible that the Samsung SDK opens up SDK to others TV manufacturers and expands the possibilities of sharing on other TV brands. Communication between the phone and the TV is indeed completely natural thing working today already with a number of OTT services. Finally, the current Samsung TVs support on local network own localization, searching running services (using the SSDP protocol) and subsequent communication using http long polling (so-called Convergence API) or newly web sockets.

Similarly the Smart TV Alliance requires in the specification 2.5 compulsory the SSDP support for device searching and DIAL ( protocol to run the application and subsequent data transfer. DIAL will use also new SDK from Samsung. It will be compatible with all TV models 2014 and through the firmware update will reach its support on current models of 2013.

An interesting variegation would be a stronger orientation on the game entertainment, to which is indicating Multiscreen Gaming SDK preparation and Samsung’s collaboration with Unity Technolgies – game magicians who develop currently one of the most successful 3D game engine. Samsung’s goal is nothing less than
to bring the experience from gaming consoles to the television environment or eventually totally replace the game consoles with phone and TV connection.



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