Wearables OTT

18. May 2014

The growth of wearable technology has brought about a growing demand for applications developed specially for such devices, or for adding them to supported groups in existing apps.

Being a technological company, obliged to follow all tech trends, we are proud to offer this kind of support to both our existing and our future clients.

But is it possible to extend the use of these devices (Moto360 or Apple Watch) beyond the standard missed call and incoming message notifications? And how do they work with OTT/VOD apps?
The answer is that with the right kind of metadata, watches and glasses can provide the TV watcher with plenty of additional information.

How many times have you tried to remember the name of the actor on the screen, or to figure out where the movie was filmed, or had your children ask you in which castle their favourite fairy tale is set? You do not feel like leaving in the middle of a TV show and turning on your computer? With the help of a smart watch like MOTO 360 (on picture), no such question from the part of your family can ever catch you by surprise. On the contrary, the added “Did you know?” function enables you to learn a lot of lesser-known details and interesting facts from the film set, as well as to have a family quiz.

Any other possibilities? They are certainly many, and most of them remain unknown either because they haven’t been discovered yet or because they await further development of technical properties of wearable devices. Here are some classic examples: favourite TV show notifications, a list of live TV shows (EPG) and remote control. And here are a couple of more advanced options: glasses augmenting reality, movies getting automatically turned off as soon as you fall asleep or leave the room, ads for AVOD subtitles that require users to interact with watches as Apple Watch or Moto 360.

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