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HbbTV technology allows a television set to be used not only for standard reception of television broadcasts but also for displaying multimedia content – either in form of a HbbTV application or in form of a HbbTV portal such as Seznam.cz TV. In other words, it allows the delivery of content related to a program currently being watched. HbbTV applications thus represent an ideal way to increase viewers' engagement with their TVs by showing additional content - eg. news, weather information, interactive games and many other features.


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Thanks to our experience with projects for international clients such as HBO and Telefónica O2 we will give you our best advice and prepare a project that will be predestined to success.

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We have finished more than 120 projects for clients all over the world such as HBO, Siemens, Continental & icflix. Thanks to this experience we are able to develop a project of any scope.

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We implement analytical tools to every app for a constant improvement. Based on that, we are able to give you ideas for further development and marketing promotion of your app.

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We are the leading company in HbbTV and Smart TV applications with over 5 years of experience in both local and international projects, thanks to which we have crafted our applications to perfection. Let us know today and we will be more than happy to discuss all the technological possibilities and tell you our price estimates.

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