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Be a part of the biggest OTT projects for clients from all over the world. Except Antarctica. Yet. Show us your potential and uniqueness.

Why to work with us

We are not a corporate

Many companies claim this, but where it really is the truth? At Mautilus, you will find not only colleagues, but also friends, with whom you will like to go for a beer after work.

We work on projects from all over the world

You will have the opportunity to create applications for customers around the world which are daily used by hundreds of thousands of people and, most importantly, collect priceless experience and references.

Cutting edge technologies

For us, new technologies are simply the number 1. We test, we share experience and use it all for our development. That's why you will find here the latest smart TVs, smartphones, game consoles and other innovative devices.

International conferences

We attend various conferences to follow the latest trends and to get a new inspiration in what we do. Only in 2016, we went to San Diego, Cape Town, London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Warsaw.

Work hard, play hard!

It is not just about working. There always has to be a balance. In our offices you can unwind with foosball, VR or with one of our game consoles and even play some good old Nintendo games.

We love sports

We go to the Alps several times a year, where we ski, climb via ferratas or just hike. Besides that we regularly play netball, mountain bike and much more.

Learn from the best

We have more than 10 years of experience with developing front-end applications for a wide varienty of platforms that we share among each other and more forward. Together.

Languages & trainings

Continuous learning is a inseparable part of what we do and how we do it. That's why we support without any exception. We have regular learning sessions with English native speakers, but there are no learning limits regarding the improvement of communication with our clients, so you choose pretty much any other relevant language. Purchase of new literature and participation in technical trainings can always be taken for granted.

Flexible working hours

We don't enforce anyone to be at work at 7 am. We strongly believe that everyone naturally prefers different working hours and is being productive. Accordingly.

Delicious coffee & tea

There wouldn't be any software what so ever without good coffee & tea, would it? Hence, we order and drink just the best ones from Coffee Source and Manutea.

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