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The best of OTT tailored to Android TV

In one white-label application

Android TV is a new smart TV platform based on Android OS that is being used on smart TVs from various smart TV vendors and other devices e.g. Nexus Player or Nvidia Shield TV. We have followed Android TV guidelines and recommendations for development as well as the best practices from 100+ of our OTT projects and prepared Android TV white-label application to provide the best solution in a very short time. Our prepared application is ready to provide your audience with standard functionalities such as VOD playback, list/grid of movies + details, search function, login + profile settings, genre categories, live card support and content recommendation. Moreover, we have implemented analytical tools (Google Analytics) so that you can find out how your viewers interact with content. However, this standard package can be extended by any other feature according to your requirements.


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The best of OTT. White-labeled.

When we were preparing this white-label application for Android TV, we took into consideration all our experience from many previous OTT projects – functionalities and design that work for this specific platform, UX features that simplify the use of an app and many other details. As a result, we have created a customizable solution that will save you both time & money.

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