Monitoring Application

Get to know your HbbTV potential

Easily. With our monitoring application.

There hasn't been a more simple solution for finding out your HbbTV potential yet. We prepared monitoring solution that uses hidden (no front-end) broadcast-related auto start application, which launches immediately after changing to a specific TV channel or after it is newly signalized on the current TV channel. The control code of the application is primarily pre-set to autostart and the transport protocol is pre-set to HTTP with the URL of the application. 


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Is HbbTV the right platform for you? Find it out.

HbbTV technology is undoubtedly a great way how to increase interactivity and customer engagement within any TV channel. But if you would like to know for sure that it is the right way for also you, respectively your services, our monitoring application will provide you with the answers. After the proper analysis you can proceed to a real solution – e.g. our HbbTV white-label applications or HbbTV Event Manager that serves to play interactive advertisements.

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