Evropa 2, Frekvence 1

Smart TV
Evropa 2, Frekvence 1

Applications Evropa 2 and Frekvence 1 were developed for several Samsung SmartTV platforms for the radio stations of the same name owned by company Lagardère.

Lagardère is a multinational media conglomerate headquartered in Paris. It once covered a broad range of industries, but now it is largely focused also on the media sector, in which it is one of the world’s leading companies. The company owns several radio stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia such as Evropa 2, Europa 2, Frekvence 1 or Radio ZET.

We prepared three new applications for Samsung SmartTV Orsay (2012+ devices) and for the latest Samsung Tizen TV models for radio stations Evropa 2, Europa 2 and Frekvence 1. These were the first applications for Smart TVs launched in Full HD resolution in the Czech Republic.

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“We truly appreciate the flexibility and agility of Mautilus company as they started developing our applications in a few days from order. They also supported us with the QA procedure and arranged the release of the application with Samsung. We are looking forward to cooperating on yet another project with them.”

Ondřej Musil – Product designer