HbbTV ads

HbbTV ads

The HbbTV interactive ads for Hyundai and Vodafone were prepared in cooperation with Atmedia and played on several national TV stations in the Czech Republic during the beginning of 2016.

Both ads were developed by our company and delivered throught HEMAN (HbbTV Event Manager) to the viewers by using Node.js and MongoDB technology. These ads undoubtly allow more possibilities to an advertiser than standard TV ads as they take advantage of HbbTV features like possibility of precise timing, interactivity and ability to engage viewers in their living rooms.

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“Working with Mautilus is really professional and valuable experience. All our meetings were constructive and beneficial as we seamlessly reached the required state for beta testing and also came up with new technological possibilities for HbbTV interactive advertisement to further expand opportunities for our clients.”

Tomáš Surák – Marketing Manager