Hisense Premium Apps

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Hisense Premium Apps

We designed and developed 5 premium applications for Hisense company as a part of their sales promotion on the Czech market.

These premium apps include ported versions of our previous projects Evropa 2 / Frekvence 1, Stream.cz, Fairytales (Pohádky), VOYO, and a brand new application for the Czech news server iDNES. During the development of the applications, we took care not only of graphical designing and programming but also of application hosting and support. All the applications are the result of the long-term cooperation with Hisense company that has started on projects for ShowMax in South Africa and now is extending to Asian markets.

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“With regard to the smart tv applications, Mautilus is without any doubt a world-class development team and business partner that provides excellent results.”

Frank Liu – Content Manager