YouSee is the largest quadruple play service provider in Denmark and is a subsidiary of TDC Group. YouSee currently has 1.1 million customers in Denmark.

We at Mautilus have developed and deployed for youSee an application for Samsung and LG TV platforms using our Smart TV SDK. It is one of our long-term ongoing project, with a unique application port from ST. During the development we've used the newest technology/libraries for ReactJS, in combination with our previously mentioned SDK 3.0.

TDC Group is the largest telecommunications company in Denmark. TDC Group is the parent company of several subsidiaries and brands such as: Blockbuster, Dansk Kabel TV, Fullrate, Get AS, NetDesign, TDC Erhverv, Telmore and YouSee.

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'Mautilus won the tender for all our Smart TV applications and proved their experience during the project. During development of the apps Mautilus demonstrated prompt communication, agility and good technical understanding. We were pleased with the final outcome of the product which fully lived up to our expectations.'

Henrik Harder, Senior Commercial Manager & Product Owner, TDC