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Set-top-boxes are gaining more and more importance within OTT market every day. That's why we always try to follow the current market trends and dedicate development teams to the most widely used platforms. Given the trends we are seeing nowadays, we focus on app development for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV stick and also Google Chromecast. Our experience from many OTT projects allows us to deliver your content for all these devices without any compatibility issues. That means we provide native, fast and intuitive set-top box solutions that will help you make the most out of your OTT service.


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Roku app development

Reach 10+ million Roku users around the globe with a custom app and with shorter time-to-market. Here is what we can bring to the table.

The latest development patterns

With our experienced BrightScript team working on a dozen of big Roku projects, we have implemented the latest development patterns introduced in the Roku SDK 2.0 including SceneGraph components.

Mautilus Roku Test Framework (MRT)

The world's first framework of its kind for the Roku platform. It allows our developers to run small pieces of BrightScript code and debug these through 50+ automated unit tests on several Roku devices simultaneously. More unit tests can be prepared upon your request.

Test lab full of native Roku devices

We believe in testing all of our apps natively. That's why our test lab contains a significant number of different Roku devices – from Roku LT (2450D) to Roku Premiere (4620X) including also RokuTVs and Roku Streaming Stick. And the synergy effect with our MRT makes it even more efficient and seamless.

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Apple TV app development

Custom applications for one of the most popular media streaming devices done just right. How is that?

Team of experienced developers – now focusing on tvOS

Our team of developers has done many custom iOS applications throughout the years and has gained a great knowledge in Objective-C, Swift and also the development specifics for Apple's platforms in general. With the announcement of the 4th generation of Apple TV in 2015, our developers have started to explore the uniqueness and differences of the tvOS platform and they have developed several spectacular tvOS applications since then.

Reusability of components

We always focus on coding efficiency. That's why we try to make any component for iOS reusable in tvOS and vice versa. The only difference is in UI and other guidelines specific for tvOS – remote control etc. This approach allows creating applications for both platforms with approximately 50% shorter time-to-market.

UI guidelines and the best UX

Apple is quite strict about some aspects of third-party applications and doesn't allow many changes to standard UI guidelines. Nonetheless, we always try to implement news ideas and approaches just to make a spectacular custom application. Even more than that we focus on UX and try to use every single detail of our smart TV knowledge and expertise to come up with the best possible UX – including perfect remote control usage.

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Are you interested in a cost-effective Apple TV solution for your VOD or Live TV service? Then be sure to check out our Apple TV OTT White-label.

Amazon Fire TV & Android TV app development

Android OS on the background and our smart TV experience allows you to launch your service on two new platforms without significant costs. Here is what we offer.

Fire TV & Android TV optimised apps

Our developers are not only capable of developing applications for both platforms following the latest Android OS trends and patterns, but also optimising the apps according to all specifications and differences on each one of them.

Tests on all generations of Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Since the quality of our applications is of utmost importance to us, we always prefer to test every developed application natively. Thus we are able to test your Fire TV application on all generations of Fire TV & Fire TV stick devices.

Amazon QA

We have participated in many QA procedures with both Fire TV and Android TV apps and we know pretty much all the details to assure that your app goes through the QA as smooth as possible. We will also arrange everything necessary regarding the QA on your behalf and launch the app if accepted.

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Thanks to our experience with projects for international clients such as HBO and Telefónica O2 we will give you our best advice and prepare a project that will be predestined to success.

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120+ projects

We have finished more than 120 projects for clients all over the world such as HBO, Siemens, Continental & icflix. Thanks to this experience we are able to develop a project of any scope.

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We implement analytical tools to every app for a constant improvement. Based on that, we are able to give you ideas for further development and marketing promotion of your app.

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At our company, the end of development does not stand for the end of cooperation. Every application goes hand in hand with our support as all your requirements will be addressed immediately. Would you like to know more about our services?

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