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Smart TVs have become the new standard for home entertainment

Our SDK technology gives you the edge you’re looking for.

Development for Smart televisions is very fragmented these days, and each manufacturer typically uses its own JavaScript engine, including a corresponding SDK from the device manufacturer. This means that the application developer must then adapt the JavaScript to each device separately, and these engines often change from year to year, even for the same product. Mautilus SDK resolves these compatibility issues and will get your content into as many households as possible.


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Thanks to our experience with projects for international clients such as HBO and Telefónica O2 we will give you our best advice and prepare a project that will be predestined to success.

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120+ projects

We have finished more than 120 projects for clients all over the world such as HBO, Siemens, Continental & icflix. Thanks to this experience we are able to develop a project of any scope.

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We implement analytical tools to every app for a constant improvement. Based on that, we are able to give you ideas for further development and marketing promotion of your app.

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At our company, the end of development does not stand for the end of cooperation. Every application goes hand in hand with our support as all your requirements will be addressed immediately. Would you like to know more about our services?

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Dozens of models. One solution. Total compatibility.

Your applications no longer need to be developed for a certain brand. Thanks to our SDK, achieving cross-platform compatibility for your applications is now much easier and cost-effective than ever before.

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